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My Story.

Jose Campaña Lewis

Visual storytelling is both my passion and my job. For the last 10+ years I've worked  in Berlin as an independent creator of animated videos and illustrator for a wide variety of productions from scientific presentations to TV cartoons.

I believe that film theory can be applied even to the simplest explainer video. In a world flooded with digital content and constant media input, ideas must be presented in a fresh and effective way so that they have a lasting impact. That's why I treat each one of my works as real films.

I offer full audiovisual productions from the initial concept to the final cut. My aim is for my clients to receive a  product full of character where all the single parts harmonize together, including  concept, script, illustration, animation, casting and editing. 

I'm fortunate to collaborate with a pool of professional animators, writers, musicians, voice actors and background artists. This enables me to embark on large scale projects that require a bigger crew.

I see every project not only as work but also as a way to dive into a new learning experience. Every new production is an opportunity for me to peek into a different industry, a different lifestyle or a different culture. For that and many other reasons: I look forward to telling your story.

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